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We live in a world where many of us are finally realizing not only the importance of shopping local and supporting our communities, but of our environmental impact as a whole. It also makes sense to support Canadian businesses that care, now more than ever, as we build ourselves up from this global pandemic, and are also dealing with product shortages and delays across the world.
There are a number of Canadian clothing brands where you can find beautiful statement pieces, along with cozy basics that are made in an ethical, sustainable way. Never fear, you don’t have to sacrifice looking cute for comfort and being eco-friendly. Here are 20 Canadian clothing brands to treat yourself or a loved one!
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With their comfort guarantee, you can feel good about buying sustainable socks and underwear online. As a woman of colour owned company, CaroQuilla is a brand that advocates for women’s confidence and comfort, as well as their mental health. 1% of all sales is donated to charities supporting women. They are truly the most comfortable and breathable undies I own! I’d recommend them to any friend, and even have my mom wearing CaroQuilla now too. Shop through this affiliate link for a 15% discount.



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Blondie Apparel

You’re sure to find some go-to staple items for your closet when shopping from Blondie Apparel. Woman-owned and made ethically in Canada, you can find scarves, dresses, t-shirts and sweaters. Made to be comfortable, there are a variety of colours to choose from. Perfect place to shop when you need the basics, or for a gift! I have the Riverbend Tunic dress, and bought a matching one for my mom – it fits us both well and is very comfortable! Made here in the Ottawa region.



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A brand that doesn’t compromise. Encircled creates high quality, sustainable clothing that can be both dressed up and worn casually. Tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, dresses, and blazers; they make it easy to find what you’re looking for online, with collections such as ‘Work from Home Faves’ and ‘kits’ of items that go together. You can also shop multipacks, saving money when you buy certain articles at once, including tees and leggings.  



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Peace Collective

Feel good about giving back, while looking good. The purchase of different clothing collections, donate proceeds to various Canadian charities including the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and Food Banks of Canada. Peace Collective uses sustainable practises, which includes making all clothing here in Canada. You can shop men’s, women’s and children’s apparel, for cozy items like athleisure wear, sweat shirts & pants, simple tees and hats. They are known for their Canada collection featuring articles that state ‘home is Canada’.



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A Montreal based company, Meemoza uses sustainable fabrics to make their apparel by hand here in Canada. They are inspired by nature, creating casual chic pieces and simple comfort. You’ll find a variety of fashionable tops, skirts, dresses, pants and cardigans in different colours and patterns. If you’re looking for cute additions to your wardrobe, and stay on trend while buying sustainable, comfortable clothing, this is the brand for you.



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With a focus on sustainability, Londré strives to make flattering, quality swimsuits, with the lowest possible environmental impact. Their best seller is the Minimalist one piece. In addition to other one-piece bathing suit styles, they sell bikinis, sweat suit apparel and pieces like sarongs and robes. Hoping to ethically shop for an upcoming tropical vacation? Londré body wear is the place to look.



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Smash + Tess

Smash + Tess is leading the romper revolution… but seriously, they have an abundance of romper styles and colours, with all of them being oh so cozy and cute. They now even have rompers for men and kids! Smash + Tess also carries some basic tees and bodysuits, perfect to wear on their own or layered under a romper. I personally have their Sunday romper in black, a classic, and I recently got the plaid romperalls and feel adorable every time I wear them. Sizes range from 2XS up to 4XL, with a visual sizing guide online to see the fit on different body types. Everything is made in North America.




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Free Label

Based in British Columbia, Free Label was founded in an effort to create comfortable, sustainable clothing that looks good! They carry sizes XS-4X, all in small batches. Free Label offers staple items perfect for daily wear and layering, selling a range of top and bottom styles. They’re probably most well known for their bras – comfortable and secure for bigger breasted women, many are great nursing bras also, and can be worn as a crop top or simple layering.



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Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak design products that are made to last, with a focus on sustainable practises and reducing their carbon emissions. Frank and Oak began as a men’s clothing line, selling all the basics from tee shirts and denim to jackets and underwear. They offer full lines of both men’s and women’s clothing, plus accessories such as toques, sneakers and socks. If you’re one stop shopping and looking for multiple types of outfit pieces, this is the great brand to do it from.



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Serenity West

Inspired by nature, Serenity West creates both apparel and home décor, using natural and sustainable products. They are a woman owned company, with all items designed and made in Vancouver, Canada. Most apparel is made of luxury linen, for a simple yet modern look, that is also breathable. You can shop coats, sweaters, dresses, tops, blazers, pants, aprons, duvet covers, napkins and more. For a feminine, minimalist wardrobe, this is a wonderful brand to look into.



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Copious Fashions

With the core values on being Canadian, well-made and environmentally focused, Copious Fashions hopes to add a staple piece to your closet, that you love. Items are fashionable and comfortable, including sweaters, casual tees, jackets, ponchos, dresses and more. The Conscious Heart sweater is one of their signature pieces you’d recognize. Each heart is cut from a scrap of fabric that would normally be thrown away. Another popular item is the Femme sweater.  



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Daub and Design

Designed and manufactured in Canada and working in small production runs, Daub and Design creates activewear and athleisure, in an ethically conscious way. Their goal is to make quality products that last, with hand dyed fabrics that leads to an exclusive look. Daub and Design makes leggings, bike shorts, tanks and sport bras, in addition to long sleeves, tunics and crew necks that can be worn well beyond your workout. The latest is their Ribbed Collection, featuring comfortable ribbed fabric in neutrals and bright colours like pink and blue.




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A certified B corporation, TenTree plants 10 trees for every item purchased! They began by making tee shirts and hoodies; Now you can find blouses, sweats, active wear, jackets, hats and even underwear! Clothing for the whole family, TenTree makes sustainable clothing with ethical manufacturing practises around the world. I’ve been a fan of TenTree for years, and sincerely love every article I purchase. It’s all made well and made to last.



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Wolfe Co

With a commitment to quality domestic production, Wolfe Co makes everything in Canada. They make athletic apparel and street wear apparel for both men and women. Wolfe Co mainly focuses on neutral colours of sweats, crew necks, turtlenecks, unisex tees, tanks, hats, socks, leggings, lounge bras and outerwear. Their flagship store is located in Muskoka if you prefer to shop in person. Everything looks seriously cozy.



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Ethically made in Canada, using sustainable textiles and packaging, Finnley is designed to outlive the trends. This lifestyle apparel brand focuses on every day essentials including sweatshirts, tees, socks, hats and scrunchies. They also sell candles. Most articles are unisex fit, in neutral colours like grey, forest green and black, that you’ll never tire of. Styles are minimalist, without large print or logos, for a clean, lasting look.



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Rebecca Rowe

Rebecca Rowe is an Ottawa fashion designer that creates capsule wardrobes for women. She designs clothing for real women, meant to showcase your personality while working for your everyday life. She sources local fabrics, everything is made in Canada, using all the fabric possible for minimal environmental footprint. She has created a number of capsules, including her latest Athlete Capsule, for women with a more athletic body shape. I have her Ford dress and absolutely love the comfort and quality.



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Keeping comfort and ease in mind, OkayOk is a Toronto based brand creating every day basics along with seasonal statement pieces. Supporting local and minimizing their carbon footprint is important to them, therefore all pieces are made in Canada. Many items are unisex fit, with kids clothing as well. If you’re hoping to get matching outfits for your family, like confetti pattern sweater or other graphic tees, you’ll find fun options here!



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Franc apparel is fully Canadian made, in an ethical, sustainable way. They are transparent about sizing online, describing the fit, showing specific size charts per item and offering up to size 4X. They make comfortable go-to pieces for your wardrobe, with cardigans, tees, tanks and bottoms in multiple options of solid colours. No bright logos here. With great options for layering, you’re sure to find basics for your closet that you’ll wear all the time.



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The motto at KOTN is ‘for lasting ways of life’. As a certified B corporation, they create timeless designs that directly support the cotton farmers in Egypt. They carry basic essentials in solid colours, like cotton tees, turtlenecks, loungewear, tanks, dresses, rugby shirts, socks and knitwear. Styles for both men and women. You can shop matching sets online, or bundle deals to save money when you buy more. KOTN also carries bedding for your home.



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Mary Young

Mary Young is a women’s lingerie brand, with articles made from sustainable fabrics in Montreal, Canada. You’ll find sexy lingerie pieces, every day essentials, bodysuits, loungewear and boxer briefs for men. They have a recent active wear collection of bras, crops and shorts. Mary Young hopes to inspire moments of self-love and acceptance.



  Disclaimer: Photos are not my own; Each photo is from the clothing brand's individual Instagram page. 


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