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Ottawa River Lifestyle

What’s in a name? The spirit and identity of Ottawa go well beyond the downtown core. Ottawa is the eclectic suburbs and sub cities with their own identities. Ottawa is show-stopping events, multicultural restaurants and outdoor adventures. Ottawa is full of creatives and adventure junkies.  Ottawa is much more than ‘the town fun forgot’. It is more than parliament. It is the diverse spaces and people that create this beautiful city, unlike any other. When one thinks of ‘Ottawa’ the word community comes to mind, and the hope is with the name and values of ‘Ottawa River Lifestyle’, to encompass as much of this diverse community as possible.

The name Ottawa River Lifestyle not only represents a love of the river itself; A river on which we can paddle, raft, swim, skate, kite surf, and much more. It represents how vast Ottawa is. It includes all the small towns and outdoor spaces scattered along the river, in both Ontario and Quebec.

Did you know that part of the history and decision behind Ottawa becoming Canada’s Capital city, is because of the Ottawa River? It was once a trade route and key area for transportation and defense. For more information on why Ottawa is the capital of Canada, CLICK HERE.

This blog is meant to reach the average Ottawan and visitor, showcasing local businesses, Canadian products, Capital Region events and outdoor adventures.



About the Author

Born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, I moved to Ottawa in the summer of 2019. I initially began Ottawa River Lifestyle as a way to dive into my new city and push myself toward adventures.

I have always had a passion for writing, for learning, and for travel. I graduated from Honours Biochemistry at the University of Windsor, and left the following summer for a 6-month backpacking trip through Europe. I kept a daily journal throughout my travels. In hindsight, perhaps these loves were the seeds to building this blog and brand, and falling in love with Ottawa was the spark.



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If you are a local business or brand and would like to collaborate, please email Megan at ottawariverlifestyle@gmail.com or send a direct message via Instagram.

 Let’s start discovering Ottawa and the valley together.  


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  • Was surprised to see that Beaded Dreams wasn’t even on the Native list of businesses listed. They’ve been around since 1994. Totally Native owned and operated too.

    Taylor Cardinal

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