Celebrating Pi Day: Where to Buy Tasty Pies in Ottawa

Math and dessert lovers unite to celebrate the mathematical constant Pi, on March 14. The Greek letter pi “π” represents a constant – the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter - 3.14. Whether you spend the day trying to memorize as many digits of pi as possible, or simply eating the namesake dessert, take advantage of having something to celebrate!
If enjoying some pie is how you wish to celebrate, check out these local bakeries in the Ottawa region selling some tasty pies!



Perth Pie Co, Sweet and Savoury pies In Perth Ontario near Ottawa, Where to buy pies for pi day in the Ottawa area, fruit and meal pies

Perth Pie Co.

Location: 12 Gore St E, Perth

Located in the quaint, historic town of Perth, Perth Pie Co. serves up homemade pies made entirely from scratch. Both fresh and frozen options available, you’ll find a variety of pies to enjoy. Choose from sweet, fruit, savoury, curd, cream and hand-held pies! Many say it’s the best pie in the Capital Region. You can find some of their pies in Ottawa at Jacobsons and Around the Block Butcher Shop.  



 Pies and tarts in Ottawa Centretown, Mini pies special for Pi day, Celebrate with locally made pies in Ottawa, Three Tarts bakeshop baking and treats including pie

Three Tarts

Location: 464 Bank St Unit 3, Ottawa

Handmade pies, available for walk-ins and pre-orders. They post a weekly menu of available pies, tarts and other treats. Typically, sweet dessert pies, Three Tarts takes the time to focus on every detail of making their desserts, and uses local fruits from the Parkdale Market all through the summer months.



 Life of pie bakery in Ottawa, Where to buy pie in Ottawa to celebrate Pi day in March, Ottawa local scratch bakery on Bank street

Life of Pie

Location: 1134 Bank St, Ottawa

This family owned bakery makes fresh, dessert pies daily and offer frozen savoury pies to bake at home. They make all pies from scratch, without any preservatives. Click here, to check out what’s on the menu this week. They offer other treats and local goodies as well.



 Pies and Tarts from Les Moulins La Fayette in Ottawa, Hintonburg bakery selling handmade pies and goods, apple pie Ottawa, tarts and quiche

Les Moulins La Fayette

Location: 1000 Wellington St W, Ottawa

This French bakery specializes in breads, pastries and sandwiches, also serving some sweet pies. Homemade pies are made on site, with a golden crust and creamy garnish. They carry traditional classics and smooth, fruity options. 



 Veggie pot pie from the Black Walnut bakery in Cumberland, Ottawa east bakery selling pies and other pastries, popular bakery first come first serve, pie meals and desserts

The Black Walnut Bakery

Location: 979 Cameron St, Cumberland 

A not-so-hidden gem, East of Ottawa. Order ahead or prepare to wait if it’s a weekend; this is a popular spot. They have a range of pie and quiche options, including Tortiere and Banoffee pie. All ingredients, serving suggestions and baking information available online. Eveything is made from scratch!



 Pumpkin pie in Ottawa, pie from the mobile bakery the Midnight Baker Ottawa Ontario, Where to buy pie and find pie subscription in the capital, Ottawa pies for pi day

The Midnight Baker

Location: 853 Boyd Ave, Ottawa

A mobile bakery that is family run, baking handmade pastries. Order online ahead of time for delivery, free in the Ottawa area with a minimum $20 purchase. Choose from dessert pies like strawberry rhubarb or blueberry. They also have a Pie of the Week Subscription; receive a pie and quiche weekly or biweekly, saving 5% on recurring orders.



 Tortiere from Red Apron, Gourmet hand made pies with local ingredients in Ottawa, Ottawa pies and meals, Baked goods and healthy meals from Red Apron, fresh and frozen pies

Red Apron

Location: 564 Gladstone Ave, Ottawa

This gourmet shop is wall to wall pre-cooked meals, local preserves and foodie gift ideas. One of their ‘gourmet essentials’ is homemade savoury pies. They also bake a variety of pastries and baked goods Monday to Sunday, including fresh fruit pies. The Red Apron is a business that cares about supporting local, giving back to the community and their environmental impact.



Vegan hand pies from Strawberry Blonde Bakery, Westboro and Kanata bakery, gluten free nut free pies, pizza pockets and other small hand held pies, pie crusts and dessert pie 

Strawberry Blonde Bakery

Location: 111 Richmond Rd / 767 Silver Seven Rd Unit 17, Ottawa

If you are gluten free, vegan or have a nut allergy, this is the spot to go to get your dessert fill. They offer a variety of pie options including fruit pies, handpies, scramble tarts and veggie pot pie. If you’d prefer to bake a pie at home, you can purchase pre-rolled pie shells from them! Detailed ingredients for all items are online.



Dessert crumble pie from Take Another Bite, Ottawa bakery with full and mini pies, where to buy homemade pie in Ottawa, many flavours of pie, fruit pies and meat pies in Ottawa 

Take Another Bite

Location: 1135 Mill St, Manotick / 148 Colonnade Rd S Unit 11, Ottawa

From a cute café in the town of Manotick, serving baked goods and home cooked meals, Take Another Bite now has a second location in Nepean. Select from savoury pies such as steak mushroom pie and chicken pot pie, or sweet options including bumbleberry crumble pie and Chocolate Pecan Bourbon pie. Most are available in multiple sizes, and you can order online for home delivery.



All photos are from each bakery's individual Instagram account. Click on the photo to go to their Instagram page. 


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  • I’m looking for the best pecan pie around Ottawa. I had some at Terry Fox plaza fish & chips and I loved it. The sweetness was not overpowering & filled with pecans. It was super delicious

    Basmatie Parsoo

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