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It’s the first of October, autumn is officially here. It is evident by the fog surrounding the city today. Days like this make it difficult to get motivated and active. On a rainy fall day, hiking in Gatineau park, kayaking Dow’s lake or running along the Rideau Canal don’t seem like the most fun options. The cooler weather often brings activity indoors in the least.  


Physical activity is known to improve mental health as well as fitness. Physical activity improves cognitive functioning, reduces anxiety and stress and also helps with self-esteem. Plus, seasonal depression is no joke!


Another way to improve your mental health, including stress levels and coping skills, is by practising mindfulness. Mindfulness is being conscious of each moment and focusing on being present. You acknowledge each feeling, thought and sensation, accepting the moment without judgement.


Yoga is a group of mental, physical and spiritual disciplines from India. It is exercise and meditation together using breathing techniques. Originally yoga was focused on spiritual development and self-awareness, but has now also become a popular form of exercise.   


During this seasonal transition join Yoga October! Did we, at Ottawa River Lifestyle make this up?! Yes, yes, we did. Is it a great motivational idea that you can do on your own or with your workout buddy? Heck, yeah!


Stay mindful and stay active this month, and this season, by doing some form of yoga daily. Whether you do some mat work in your living room, join a yoga studio or simply take a moment to be present where you are, take it upon yourself to have a physically and mentally healthy month!



Here are some yoga studio options in the city;


  1. PURE YOGA (Westboro, Centretown, Downtown)
  2. UPWARD DOG YOGA (Downtown)
  3. ELEVATE YOGA (Centretown)
  4. YOGA TOWN (Barrhaven, Stittsville, Centretown)
  5. PRANASHANTI YOGA (Hintonburg)
  7. ASTANGA YOGA (Centretown)
  8. PATHWAY YOGA (Westboro)
  9. EMPOWER ME YOGA (Carlington)
  10. ZEN OWL YOGA (Downtown)
  11. SOUL SPEAK YOGA (Hintonburg) * Have October Challenge *



Anywhere you love to get your ohm on in the city? Let us know! 

Use the hashtag #YogaOctober on social media! We're in this together! 

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