Where to Recycle Your Beauty Products & Toiletries in Ottawa

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Do you have plastic containers and tubes you’re not sure what to do with? Those tricky beauty containers and packaging that you can’t simply throw into your blue bin.
If you live in or visit Ottawa, you can recycle personal products at Terra 20.
Terra 20 is a locally owned, eco-friendly company in Ottawa, Ontario. They source brands that are green, sustainable, organic and Canadian. All of their products are cruelty-free, non-toxic and ethically sourced. Yes, all of them. Shopping at Terra 20 does not only mean supporting a local business, you can feel good that you’re helping the planet with the items you purchase. This store makes it easy to take small actions that have big impact.

Terra 20 has three locations in Ottawa: 2685 Iris St, 1130 Wellington St W Unit 3, and 197 Trainyards Dr Unit 5.


Read more about this Ottawa company, HERE on their website.
Terra 20 has partnered with TerraCycle Canada, to help Ottawa recycle our hard to recycle waste. You will spot the TerraCycle cardboard boxes near the entrance of of all three Terra 20 stores, where you can drop off your clean, used containers and items.

When we say hard to recycle items; what does that include?
  • Makeup containers: empty mascara, lipstick, eye shadow cases, foundation packaging, eyeliner pencils, concealer tubes, powder cases, lip liners, makeup brushes
  • Toiletries: deodorant sticks, toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, shampoo bottles, hair gel tubes & caps, lotion dispensers, hairspray bottles, plastic jars, body wash containers, hair brushes, blow dryer attachments, hair clips
  • Razors: deposit used razors and razor heads in the specified box at the Terra 20 Pinecrest location
Please do not bring anything hazardous or sharp to recycle. Unaccepted waste includes broken glass, nail polish bottles & remover, aerosol cans, bio-medical waste, perfume, paint, organics or expired medication. All containers must be empty.
If you are unsure if a certain item can be recycled, check directly with TerraCycle or Terra 20.
TerraCycle recycles these plastic personal care and cosmetic packaging, using them to make new products like park benches and outdoor play structures.
Eco bar at Terra 20, Non toxic cleaner and personal care products, Eco friendly cleaning supplies, detergents and bath and body products in Ottawa

More Ways to Recycle with TerraCycle & Terra 20:
TerraCycle offers a number of Zero-Waste boxes that you can purchase for your own home or office. Find specific recycle boxes for PPE & safety equipment, plastic packaging, coffee bags or pods, pens & markers, fabric & clothing, shipping materials, contact lenses, electronic waste and more… Simply order the Zero Waste Box system you want, collect your items and fill the box over time, ship it back to TerraCycle and order the next box!
In addition to properly recycling these used containers, you can focus on reducing your waste by shopping from Terra 20’s Eco Bar. The Eco Bar is all about refilling your non-toxic products. Choose a product you need from their line of personal care and cleaning products, use it at home, and bring back the empty container for a refill. Not only are you preventing waste and using products that are free from harmful chemicals, you save money on the refills. What a win-win.
It’s amazing to see more Canadian businesses going green and limiting waste. Do you know of any other businesses that have recycle programs? Let us know in the comments below!

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