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Once you try Doozy, you never go back.’

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Location: 181 Old Chelsea Road, Chelsea, Quebec

I discovered this artisan candle shop, Bougie Doozy Candle, thanks to my partner, who had spotted them burning at the local restaurant, Trio Bistro & Lounge. We noticed not only did they come in fun colours and patterns, but they seemed to burn very well. We started with one candle purchase, and are now up to eight Doozy candles that fill our living room with a beautiful ambiance, all evening.



Why are Doozy Candles THE BEST?

Doozy candles are for anyone who wants to burn a truly nice candle. Whether if it is for a special occasion or you burn candles daily, Doozy adds ambiance and a gorgeous glow to your space. They are part of a lifestyle; made for those who truly love burning candles.

The wonderful features of these candles, are that they are environmentally friendly (notice no external packaging), they are dripless, reusable, durable, have very little smoke, and burn slowly all the way to the bottom of the candle. There are a variety of scented and unscented options. How do they accomplish this? The type of wax and their making process!

Maple Candle, Canadian Made Candle, Cozy Candle photo - Doozy

This ancient craft of candle making is simply not seen anywhere else nowadays. The overall process takes four days to complete – they do not skip a single step! Day one is the creation of colours and design. Once designed, they are put in various sized cans or boxes; depending on the candle being made, where the wax is poured in. The wax needs to sit and cool between each step. The wax melts inward, so a second wax pour is needed. The center is drilled in order to add the wick, and the candle is filled again with wax. The addition of the wick later in the process is the reason the candle burns all the way to the bottom. Most other candles are made around the wick, but this can lead to air pockets and an uneven burn. The external pattern is patched for a full design, and then flame finished.

To watch a video of the candle making process, CLICK HERE.

Bougie Doozy Candle uses the highest-grade paraffin wax in their candle making. Paraffin wax comes from the earth. This wax has a high melting point, meaning a longer burn, and it also gives off the most light. It has been filtered many times; the composition of the wax has only 0.05% oil, resulting in less smoke. The wax itself is durable, making Doozy Candle the best choice for burning outdoors. Bring your candles camping, or leave them in the backyard and rain is no problem – the candle will continue to burn as normal!

Canadian Candles for Camping, Outdoor Use Candle from Quebec

When asking about the use of soy wax that seems quite popular recently, I learned that soy candles always need an additive, it is not purely soy. This means that the candle has more oil, therefore more smoke. Soy candles melt down quickly which is why they cannot be burned for hours at a time like the paraffin wax Doozy candles. It also means these soy candles must be in a jar, they cannot stay together otherwise. So, if you’re thinking of buying a candle – think Doozy.

Are you thinking that you won’t burn the candle long enough to properly experience the Doozy way? That’s where the chunk candles come in! Smaller and inexpensive but made with the same food-grade wax, and artisan process – the chunks are perfect for your first time trying Doozy.

Inexpensive long burning candles, colourful candle chunks  

Candle Refills

Are you a candle lover who is also environmentally conscious and likes saving money?! Doozy candles are entirely made out of wax and are dripless; the outer wax maintains its’ shape while the inside burns. This means they can be reused!

Once your candle is completely burned to the bottom, you can take it back to Bougie Doozy Candle for them to refill it. The cost to refill is roughly half of the original candle price, and once it’s ready, you basically have a brand-new candle. They put the same time and care into refills as they do in creating new candles. After cleaning out the candle it is reshaped, with multiple wax pours again, re-wicked and flame finished.

Give them time to refill it! Especially prior to Christmas, they are busy making new candles and do fewer refills. Check out their Christmas line of candles – all the cozy, candy cane vibes we need. (Right now, in store only).

Traditional Christmas Scented Candles, Candy Cane Wax Candles


The History of Doozy

Business partners Bruce and Greg are close family friends, and Greg grew up with Bruce’s children like siblings. Greg visited Bruce’s home in the 90’s, noticing a beautiful, large, wax candle on his table. Greg discovered that Bruce made it himself, having learned the art of candle making from Willy Nelson (no not that Willie), a paraffin wax expert. Greg’s goal was to learn the art of handcrafted candle making, that could be mass produced. Their first candle was made in Greg’s apartment kitchen off of Elgin Street, in Ottawa.

Antique Candle, Greg, Doozy owner holding 1960's wax candle

The Doozy team travelled around North American to markets, events and concerts selling candles. After years of selling candles in Ottawa and being a vendor in the Byward Market, they made the move to Chelsea, Quebec in 2003. The appeal was in the small-town Quebec atmosphere, the beauty of the Gatineau Hills and extra space they found in their current shop location. The hope is to eventually open a store front in Ottawa, in addition to their store in Chelsea.

If you are unable to visit their Chelsea location you can always shop online! Shipping costs are included in the overall candle prices you will see on the website. They are less expensive in store. 

Things have changed over the years. Their candles are now a little smaller than the originals to suit a variety of clients. New patterns and colours appear, such as the addition of their Chakra line, yet some patterns have been made for over 20 years. There are, in general, more imports now and people can find candles everywhere. The quality and process, however, remains. There are countless positives to burning a Doozy candle, not to mention they are the only ones known to make this specific type of candle.

If you’re looking for a unique, local gift this holiday season, think Doozy!





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