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“Ottawa is a Sleepy Government Town”

We’ve heard it all before; Ottawa is a sleepy government town. There’s nothing going on downtown. I know a bunch of people that left for Toronto. Don’t they speak French there?

Ottawa is not a government town, it’s THE government town. We are sorry you won’t always find us downtown, we are too busy hiking, biking and paddling along the river. We have backyards and parks to enjoy.  

 C’est ma ville. Bienvenue à Ottawa.


Outsiders may not understand all that lie here ready to explore, if they were to visit Ottawa. There are an eclectic number of neighbourhoods and areas to suit your preferences. It is a big city and a country’s capital city, with everything that has to offer, from beautifully manicured parks to countless restaurants to enjoy and events to visit. Yet, it does not feel too overwhelming or busy as we’ve been able to maintain this small-town charm. It helps that there are green spaces and quiet neighbourhoods outside of downtown.


This past April multiple communities banded together in the war against the rising water levels. Neighbours became friends as sand bags were filled and piled purposefully. Many homes were saved from flooding due to their consistent efforts, as people across this great city travelled by busload to offer help. We should continue to be champions for this city, our community, which is stronger when we are united.  


Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, is well-known for being home of the prime minister…. And for many, not much else. Ask a visitor what they plan to see before they arrive, and you’ll most likely hear that they don’t have a clue of what their options are besides visiting Parliament. We have a lot more to offer than people realize! Ottawa is booming. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, follow along for tips and reviews of what is going on in this amazing country’s capital city!

We are Canada.




The author has recently relocated to Ottawa in the summer of 2019. With an adventurous spirit and fresh eyes, they are inspired to explore and inform as they transition from tourist to local.


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