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Satya Organic Skin Care

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My Story with Eczema

I’ve struggled with environmental allergies, asthma and eczema since I was young; the trifecta if you will. The eczema was always manageable and breakouts rarely occurred as an adult UNTIL I moved to Ottawa, Ontario. Ottawa is a beautiful city with a lot to do, partly thanks to all of the greenspace and outdoor areas to explore… an environmental allergy nightmare. The winters are also cold, really darn cold, compared to what I was used to growing up in Windsor, Ontario. Combine that with the onset of the pandemic that lead to more hand sanitizing than ever… my eczema flare ups became unbearable.

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I came across Satya Organic Skin Care while researching for the blog Indigenous Owned Businesses in Canada. Natural eczema care from an Indigenous, woman-owned company, made in Canada?! It sounded too good to be true. I ordered their Satya stick, jar and travel tins, and have loved the products since day one.

Upon initial application, it feels smooth and completely moisturizes the skin, unlike many treatments that sit on the skin’s surface. My eczema started clearing up, cuts healed and overall my hands felt softer within days. It feels like a bit of magic in your pocket, healing and protecting my dry, itchy skin.


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Other Uses

One misconception with Satya Organic is that it is purely for eczema care, yet there are countless other ways to use this balm thanks to its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. Essentially, if it’s dry or inflamed – use Satya.

As I used the Satya Organic balm daily on my hands, I’d start to take some and rub it on my lips as a lip balm. Perfection! Since every ingredient is natural and edible, if you happen to ingest some it’s no big deal. I don’t recall the last time I’ve used anything else for lip care.

Then one day I stepped out of the shower, and in the mirror found my face to be red and puffy. I am no stranger to unexplainable allergic reactions on my face and the need to itch the skin on my neck and face until it’s worse and full of scratch marks. I grabbed my Satya stick, rubbing it over the entirety of my face. Truly, this type of reaction has never calmed down that quickly. I felt some instant relief, and a lower desire to itch as I let Satya seep into my skin.

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As the weather warmed, I got a bit of a sunburn. I rubbed Satya all over my arms, legs and any red area. I exclaimed many times (likely to the point of annoyance to my partner), how amazing it instantly felt on my hot skin. After a few uses the redness went away and there was not a dry spot or flake to be seen.

You can also use this product for rosacea, razor burn, chaffing, makeup primer, insect bites, diaper rash, blisters, cut care, tattoo aftercare and more!


Satya Story & Ingredients

This balm was born out of love. The founder, Patrice, noticed her 8-month-old daughter developed eczema and was scratching to the point of blood. When she visited a doctor, the only recommendation was a harsh steroid cream. Patrice searched for a better, natural product but couldn’t find anything non-toxic with scientific supported research that worked. She researched medical studies, traditional indigenous medicine and the latest academic studies, and began experimenting with a crock pot in her kitchen. The balm that was developed healed her daughter’s eczema in two days.

Satya Organic Skin Care is made with five simple, organic ingredients; calendula pedals, sweet almond oil, beeswax, jojoba and colloidal oatmeal. Less is more. They don’t add water or any other fillers nor preservatives, which means you get higher concentrations of the good stuff. It is steroid-free, fragrance-free and has been proven effective as a topical anti-inflammatory by Health Canada.

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Patrice, the founder, and the Satya team have created a beautiful community of people sharing their skin struggles, progressions and overall health and wellness. They are dedicated to raising awareness and speaking out against steroid use and other harmful ingredients used on our skin. They aim to help skin warriors find clean products that don’t have negative long-term effects.


Environmental Efforts

Once you run out of the Satya stick, jar or tin, it can be refilled with their 100% compostable, zero-waste Satya refill pouch. The pouch itself is made from 100% corn and wood fibre. (For an instructional video on how to refill your Satya products click HERE.) Their shipping packaging is made of entirely recycled paper and printed with veggie and soy-based inks. They also purchase carbon offsets, making the company completely carbon neutral.

They needed their sticks to be durable, refillable and sustainable like the other products, which meant using plastic. Satya has partnered with Plastic Bank to offset their use of plastic. This means every Satya stick purchased supports ending the ocean plastic crisis and global poverty. The Plastic bank is a social enterprise that provides work opportunities to people living in poverty. They can collect throwaway plastic from waterways and exchange it at local depots, for credit toward social services, such as groceries, education and health care. The plastic is then recycled into new materials.


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Satya Organic is a product I love and trust. They are conscious of the health and wellbeing of their consumers, of educating and learning from their community, and of protecting the environment. If you are curious about Satya, but want to chat about it more first, you are open to email Megan at, or message via Instagram @ottawariverlifestyle. To shop Satya via an affiliate link and receive 10% off CLICK HERE. Use code OTTAWARIVER10. 


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    ’ For how many months dealing this skin problem now I finally feel
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    It has ingredients that you can not find in other products.. Ingredients that works perfectly.
    I am blessed and thankful!!!

    Organic Eczema cream

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