Where to Find Waldo, Ottawa’s Largest Snowman

This season we’ve seen a number of creative looking snowmen and ice sculptures pop up around the Capital. You can spot snowmen, igloos, forest bears and even a snow dragon across the Ottawa region. This is the year to get outside in the snow and play!

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The most impressive site to see is Ottawa’s 20-foot snowman, Waldo, hidden away in a local neighbourhood. His arms are made from a full-sized shovel and broom! Luc, Waldo’s creator, spent nearly 20 hours creating this larger than life snowman, that is almost taller than the surrounding homes.
Head out to Toulouse Crescent in Orléans to sneak a peek at this giant creation. You can’t miss him.
This isn’t the first sighting of Waldo. Versions of this larger than life snowman have been created for over a decade. The original version was made in 2009, and Luc had no intention of it becoming an annual tradition, yet here we are! This 2021 version is by far the largest one. It is almost twice the size from last year’s Waldo.

Waldo also gets festive! His black buttons have been replaced with sparkly red hearts for Valentine’s Day, and he’s been known to sport green attire as St Patrick’s Day approaches.
Luc accepts food bank donations, both monetary and non-perishables for appreciating his work – look for the bin with the minions next to Waldo. Rumour has it he has already been able to donate $2,000 to our local food bank this year.
Head out to Orléans and check out this local wonder for yourself!

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