Coffee Shops in Ottawa to Get Cozy This Season

Ten Cozy Ottawa Coffee Shops


The summer had not even technically ended when the autumn breeze decided to take over. The excitement of beach days turned into sweater weather. How is it pumpkin spice season already!? It’s habit to suddenly forgo the need to be outdoors and to choose curling up with a blanket instead.


The adventures don’t need to end, but they can take a cozier theme. Since it is fall, vacations are typically over. We need our daily coffee to start our days, maybe even to reboot our afternoons. Not a coffee drinker? The chill in the air will have you craving a tea or hot chocolate in the least. We get all wrapped up in our own lives this season, make sure you make time to catch up with your bestie over a warm cup of… well whatever you want.



Ministry of Coffee

 Located at 279 Elgin Street, now is a great time to visit the usually busy café, due to the construction occurring on Elgin. It’s not a far walk from downtown or UOttawa, but far enough that it is not the first spot people would choose to work or study. They have a few other locations on Wellington Street, Beechwood avenue and the VIA rail train station.

Ministry has knowledgeable and friendly staff. The location itself has a minimalistic retro vibe. The coffee is good and the food is fresh! You can tell the difference when a sandwich was put together in front of you, or a muffin just came out of the oven (they have a delicious lemon poppy seed – a flavour often hard to find!)


Ministry of Coffee, Ottawa Coffee Shops, Cozy Cafe 


Equator Coffee

Local roastery with fair trade organic coffee located at 412 Churchill Ave N. They also have a location on Elgin street in the NAC building, or you can go for a bit of adventure to their Almonte café, roastery and training centre. The Westboro setting fits in with the trendy upscale hipster vibes of the area. There are a number of nearby shops and spaces to visit after your coffee.

Coffee camp! Equator offers courses, at both the Almonte and Westboro locations. Depending on the date and location you can sign up to learn the art of brewing coffee and its processes.

Throwing an event and wondering how to deliver some great coffee? Book their coffee truck! Adding some talented baristas to your gathering is sure to add a flair.



Britannia Coffeehouse

Local neighbourhood coffee shop, it is located right by Britannia beach and the Ottawa River bike path. Colourful artwork is present on every wall, and there are unique mismatched tables and chairs that create an authentic vibe. Take a moment to take in the antiques decorating the café.

Britannia coffeehouse uses Equator coffee, so you know it’s fair trade, organic and delicious! All of the goodies here are made fresh, including their ice cream in summer months. Attached to Britannia Coffeehouse is Beachconers microcreamery; still creating unique ice cream flavours as the leaves begin to change colours. Try their yummy cinnamon buns!

 Britannia village, including this coffeehouse, is a charming area. Take your coffee to go for a stroll past the cottage style homes and to the park.


Britannia Coffeehouse, Local Coffee Shop Ottawa 


Happy Goat Coffee

 Happy Goat Coffee has five Ottawa locations; Laurel Hill, Sandy Hill, Elgin, Bank/Sunnyside and Rideau/Cumberland. ‘The Legend of the Goat’ is a tale of a trusting goatherd who stumbled upon his dancing goats after their discovery of a bright new berry. This is where the coffee shop derived their name. The passion for coffee and quality is evident by visiting any Happy Goat Coffee location.  

With antique furniture, potted plants and local art on the walls, the Laurel location feels like you’re spending the afternoon in your friend’s studio apartment. On a warm day, the front garage door opens to a small patio. It fits in with the overall Hintonburg vibe; local establishment, personal feel and trendy… but in an edgy authentic way. Find them on social media to learn about their varying events, such as open mic night!

 Even if you cannot make it to one of their cafés, you can find the coffee roast all over our city. Happy Goat Coffee Co. supplies coffee to over 100 different restaurants, supermarkets and coffee shops in Ottawa. 



Morning Owl Coffeehouse

 There are now seven locations of Morning Owl around Ottawa. As it grows it has not lost its friendly local atmosphere, nor the quality which started it all.

The Wellington West location on Armstrong street is beyond a simple café. They have a sandwich bar and also carry local ice cream. If you’re looking for somewhere casual and edgy, stop here and admire the twinkly lights hanging above potted plants. They even have a plant leaf mural wall. 

 The location in Wellington is also great if you want to wander after your treat. It is right next to The Carlton if you want to transfer into a tavern feel, as well as a small antique shop called Nostalgia Warehouse. Walk further to find the Parkdale market, opened daily into November.


 Morning Owl Coffeehouse, Hintonburg Cafe, Ottawa Coffee Shop



 Bridgehead coffee is a local Ottawa chain. With 19 locations around the city, their team travels and forms relationships around the world with suppliers to bring fair trade coffee to our city. They are not only committed to fair trade, but to the community and the environment. The to-go cups are actually compostable and they offer used coffee grounds for your garden compost!

 Their Roastery and warehouse is located at 130 Anderson Street. Try the pour over service, which allows them to offer their best roasts in the single cup, as opposed to buying a 12oz bag. You can also join a tour here, at 10:00am the first Saturday of every month for FREE.

 It’s nice to recognize a coffee place to visit around the city; One you can recognize, but doesn’t have that large chain feel. The locations have a fairly standard café vibe, but still have that coziness of being home (or, if you’re a visitor, being in the capital).



Café Cristal

 Shout out to Barrhaven for this European inspired gem, located on Kennevale drive! The decadent desserts and quality coffee not only taste delicious, they are a perfect photo addition on your Instagram page with a back drop of antique mirrors and chandeliers.  

Designed as a gathering space, the café has full sized tables perfect for meeting up with friends, having a date or getting some work done. They have a vast menu with tons of coffee options, and a selection of over 20 teas.  A perfect place for a breakfast treat to enjoy a sweet or savoury crepe or waffle, or stay for lunch to try a freshly grilled sandwich.


Cafe Cristal Barrhaven, Ottawa Coffee Shop, Ice Coffee 


Quelque Chose Patisserie

This pastry shop and café is located in Westboro, with other locations in Byward and Vanier. With a delicious assortment of macarons to taste, the Westboro location has a pretty feminine flair. The shop began with two chef sisters and their passion for macarons.  

Where most cafés specialize in coffee and cakes, this café focuses on fluffy macarons and afternoon tea. Of course, they do have other hot drinks and snacks as well. The afternoon tea is exclusive to the Westboro shop. Stop by for an afternoon tea happy hour every Tuesday and Wednesday; book one and get one half off! Vegetarian and gluten free tea menus available.

Macaron workshop at the Vanier location on Sunday, October 13th!



Quitters Coffee

You will find Quitters Coffee right off of Stittsville main street. Parking is just around back of this lively café, and has plenty of space. The parking lot is not only convenient, but the space also contains Redd’s ice cream truck to enjoy in the summer time, and a back patio to enjoy… well whenever the weather permits.

Besides a simple coffee or latté, Quitters has a full lunch menu, tasty treats, and some hard to find favourites (such as Matcha lattés and loaf). It’s nice to find a café that offers more than just baked goods; sometimes you’re feeling a fresh seasonal salad. I’ve also heard locals rave that they carry the best breakfast sandwich in town. Happy hour anyone? If your friend wants a beer and you want a cappuccino, you can go to one stop that carries it all. 

Quitters Coffee seems to have brought a real community meeting place into Stittsville, and is worth a bit of a drive if you don’t live nearby. They even have merch to purchase! Why not represent someplace local?


Stittsville Coffee Shop, Ottawa Cafe, Local Coffee Shop


A Thing for Chocolate 

In the heart of Hintonburg, this creperie and café is located on Wellington Street West. It has a local feel and comfy chairs. The full tables allow you to enjoy a meal with your coffee. As does the menu!  

A Thing for Chocolate; crêpes, chocolate, coffee. They have a two-page menu of crêpes, one sweet and one savoury. You can begin with a savoury crêpe and salad, finishing off with a chocolate cheesecake or brownie. No room for dessert? Beyond coffee there are varieties of chocolate drinks to devour, hot or iced. Mocha lattes, chocolate Americano, and the classic hot chocolate. White or dark hot chocolate available!

They also have an ENTIRE vegan menu of crêpes, chocolate and drinks. If you have a thing for chocolate this is where you should be!



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  • You included Stittsville but missed the latest addition to the coffee scene in nearby Manotick: 692 Coffee and Bar. A wonderful new coffee, drink and food experience in the heart of Manotick. Email:

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